Orthopedic Medicine Specialists

Making a Difference in the Care of Fractures

"When we help heal a joint or realign a limb after trauma, we know we are making a difference in strengthening that person's body as well as their life, says Dr. Borrelli.

Dr. Borrelli is transforming orthopedic care. In 2004, he helped initiate a research study that looked at how fracture care related to patient quality of life. A group of patients with previous tibia fractures and resulting crooked legs received orthopedic treatment to straighten their legs. After treatment and physical therapy, all of the patients were able to walk better with improved stride and felt better about their lives.

Serving the Needs of Post-trauma Patients

Orthopedic Medicine Specialists and Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital have established the Orthopaedic Surgery Post-traumatic Reconstruction Clinic to treat patients suffering from post-traumatic bone and joint complications. Through our specialty clinic, our staff works with you and your referring physician to correct an existing nonunion or malunion fracture or treat and manage your post-traumatic arthritis (PTA).

If you have a broken bone that has healed in an unacceptable position (malunion) or a fracture that has failed to heal after several months (nonunion), it's important to correct the injury before further damage or impairment occurs.

We use innovative techniques, including the latest orthopedic implants, to treat and manage your recovery. To help maximize recovery and achieve an excellent outcome, we enlist North Texas's most skilled plastic surgery, infectious disease and rehabilitation specialists who excel in post-traumatic reconstruction as part of our extended team. We coordinate all care with your primary physician and any necessary specialists - and are there every step of the way.

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